Faith, Family & Finances: An 8 Step Plan for Wealth, Happiness and Peace of Mind


Have you ever thought about the impact your financial choices

have on the people and things people you care about most?

 What if your entire financial house was in order? What if you had no financial stress at all? How would that change your life and the life of your loved ones?

  There are no easy answers or quick fixes.  A good starting point may be the Gospel Principles for Financial Success workshop and the 23-page companion guide. Both are available at no charge on our web Source .

 These tools will introduce you to a process that has helped hundreds of families make better choices with their money. People have found it to be informative and thought provoking.  Most come away with a new perspective on financial success, structured annuities and how to achieve it.

No matter what your situation is when it comes to money,

the answer can be found in applying gospel principles.

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Here is what others have said:

 He really opened my eyes. My stake needs to hear this message.

 Martin is very knowledgeable, integrates scriptures, and is enjoyable to listen to. VERY well done.

 I love how he incorporates gospel principles with financial success!

 Very motivating- more than just showing you how savings earn interest over time.

 A wonderful start on the road to financial success. Very practical and down to earth.

 Excellent at simplifying difficult concepts.

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